SI MORGH, 2020, Handmade ceramic forms of clay and bone ashes, canvas cylindrical tube, light installation, 330 x 97 x 93Cm Photograph by David Gairdner Commissioned by the Lock-Up and made possible through City of Newcastle’s Arts and Cultural Funds for Organisations. The installation Si morgh, 2020 consisting of over two thousand handmade ceramic forms, each one crafted from clay with bone ashes to resemble feathers, the installation reaches over three meters suspended; lighting the room from its internal glow. Habibi refers to elements of a mythical Persian poem “The Conference of the Birds” by the 12th century poet, Farid ud-Din Attar; with the poem describing the search and a journey of a group of birds, for a leader to reach enlightenment. Through spiritual experiences, the birds realise that each one is part of the leader they have been searching for. Habibi invites her audience to reflect on the role of active individual participation in the spiritual journey of our life. It can mark the beginning of a spiritual life through darkness of reality of life. The concept of regeneration, rebirth, new beginnings Inside light in Si morgh is a metaphor for hope. signifies hope in dark times. Hope is a universal human narrative. The concept of hope can only exist where improvement is possible. As Lindy Lee has said: “if we don’t enter the darkness, we won’t find illumination. It’s always worth the journey”.