TURQUOISE PARADOX, 2015-2018 Thrown oxidation glazed earthen- ware vessels, lights, wooden box 120 x 80 x 30 cm Photograph by Damon AMB ---- Turquoise Paradox speaks about the oppression of women. The work is critical of the ongoing use of traditional symbols and behaviours, which are demeaning or reinforce ideas of inequality. The ceramic vessels are arranged to spell a Persian word with three letters. If read from right to left, (Roz) translates as Day and if read from left to right (Zor) translates as Constrict. The installation consists of a number of thrown, oxidation-glazed, earthenware vessels, in a teacup shape with a constricted centre, placed on a wooden box. This shape reinforces a stereotypical view of an idealised female form and can be interpreted as a metaphor for oppression. Each vessel has a hole in the base, which prevents it from holding liquid. The vessels are lit from below, to become containers for light. Instead of liquid, there is a directional light in each vessel shining out. Light coming out of an oriental vessel could, in a cursory reading, be interpreted as a reference to a genie in a bottle; this initial superficial and orientalist reading is welcome with this work because, paradoxically, it sets in place a critical position from which a non-oriental viewer can observe the work with a degree of objectivity: to be able to see that the oppression of women and the denial of gender equality are wilful political injustices.