BEHIND THE WORDS, 2016-2018 Oxidation fired earthenware, waxed cotton string 470 x 280 x 37 cm Photograph by Damon AMB ---- With my work I address the issue of peaceful political participation. In Behind the words individual letters are strung in space. The letters signify resistance. Each letter and symbol is a tool of communication, even if imprisoned and subjected to censorship. The installation incorporates many abstract ceramic components. These pieces resemble oversized letters and symbols, each carefully tied, suspended and restrained with coloured string. Arranged in seven rows, the letters and symbols are abstract and illegible. The first impression of the work is of entangled objects or a veil or curtain, but closer observation reveals that each letter is intentionally placed, independently from all others. The letters are cursive, resembling handwriting, and each form is unique, made from coiled tubes of clay; the simplicity of the process of making is in contrast to the scale, which lends authority to each symbol. The letters are made from fired, brown terracotta clay with white slip on one side. The white slip on one side refers to censorship, hiding what is behind.